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What is the Supersplice adapter?

The Supersplice tool is an adapter that is attached to a glue gun. It is attached to the glue gun by removing the nozzle of the glue gun and screwing on the Supersplice tool.

The Supersplice tool uses different sizes of mould components which are attached to each other to complimetally form a mould to enable the user to “cast” a silicone layer around the join of the wire/cable.




How does the Supersplice tool work?

The Supersplice adapter has two jaws which open to allow the user to place the wire/cable join into the cavity and then close it.  The dies will keep the wire/cable in place while the user makes the splice.

The splice is made by pulling the trigger on the glue gun which feeds melted silicone at 220 °C into the mould cavity around the wire/cable.  The silicone is then allowed to set/cool down to complete the splice.  This forms a layer of silicone around the wire/cable which is safe, neat, strong and flexible.

Depending on the temperature at which the splice is made, and depending on the thickness of the wire/cable being spliced, the silicone sets at approximately 5 seconds per millimeter of the wire/cable thickness at a temperature of 20 °C.


What are the advantages of splicing with the Supersplice tool?


Because the heated silicone is molded around the wire/cable, meaning the heated glue takes on the exact form of the wire/cable, and because the splice is flexible, there is no more possibility of electrical shortages which could lead to electric shock or even fires.  This means that if the wires don’t touch when the splice is made, the wires won’t touch later when the wire/cable is used.

Should a splice make a short for whatever reason, it will generate heat which will melt the silicone directly around the short.  The melted silicone will then start to flow isolating the short and open contacts. 

The silicone is not flammable either, which means no more fires destroying homes because of electrical shortages.


Ease of use

With very little effort, two wires can be spliced and be ready to use within five minutes.



A splice that is made with the Supersplice tool is still flexible like the wire, which means that the splice will bend and shape with the wire/cable and will ensure a long lasting splice.


Water resistance

The Supersplice provides a fair amount of water resistance.


At a cost of less than 10c a splice, the Supersplice is by far the most cost effective splice on the market today.



In comparison to other splices, the Supersplice compares to the neatest splices around.



Any uninsulated wires could be sealed without having to cut the wire/cable.



The Supersplice adapter is not limited to any single industry, but could be marketed to anyone from DIY, to auto electricians and electricians alike.



When the glue gun has reached its working temperature, each splice takes a few seconds to complete, and once completed, the wire/cable can be connected to the electricity.


Has the Prosplice been formally tested?

No.  The Supersplice has not been formally tested, but its predecessor, the Prosplice has been tested by the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) and it passed all the tests with flying colors. 



The Supersplice tool is the easiest way to splice a wire/cable to the closest original shape, strength and flexibility.