Operating instructions


Due to the fact that this product is not used under control or supervision of the inventor, manufacturer, distributor or retailer, the same cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage caused by the incorrect use thereof, neither can they be held responsible for any sub-standard splices made.  This use of this product is done so at the userís own risk.


  • Never splice wires still connected to electricity.
  • Inspect each splice after splicing to ensure the safety thereof.
  • Do not touch hot glue.
  • Be careful of hot surfaces.
1. Strip outer insulation.

2. Cut core wires.

3. Strip core insulation.

4. Connect wires with crimping ferrules. Be sure to connect corresponding wires(colors) together.

5. Select the correct combination of component set according to the thickness of wire/cable which is to be spliced.

6. Attach the components in the desired combination to form a complete mould.

7. Slide the mould into the Supersplice tool.

8. Open the Supersplice tool.

9. Insert the wire into the cavity.  Ensure that the uninsulated joint is in the centre of the cavity.

10. Close the Supersplice tool, secure the locking clip.

11. Squeeze the trigger repeatedly until the glue flows out through the pressure holes.

12. Keep the Supersplice tool firmly closed until the splice sets.  The setting time could vary depending on ambient temperature and number of consecutive splices made.

13. Open the Supersplice tool and remove the splice.